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Dating Sites for People Living with HPV

There are tons of dating websites available to the many different demographics of the world. There are websites for farmers, Christians, Gold diggers, Interracial couples, herpes dating sites or millionaire dating sites ect. Notoriously, there was even a dating site for adulterers. It’s uncommon in this day and age not to consider a dating website as you are looking for love. Unfortunately, there maybe a few limitations when you’ve tested positive for an STI, especially, one that can be spread to another person.

With HPV, you have to be more cautious. It’s unlike HIV and Herpes, for most people, having it doesn’t mean the infection will last forever. On the other hand, you can just as easily clear your infection of HPV and then get another strain of HPV from a different partner. The goal when having HPV is to be as safe as possible and sometimes you’re putting yourself in more danger than not. Sometimes you can increase your chances of getting cervical cancer because you’re exposed to a different strain.

Now one of the reasons why we would consider a website specifically catered to people who’ve tested positive is because it decreases the anxiety of disclosure. Disclosure can be scary when the person is ignorant of your condition and there is a good chance that you will have to face judgment.

It’s also great because you know that they have it. Both you and your potential partner are routinely tested for cancer and other STI’s. Being tested can add a new set of confidence when becoming sexually active with a new partner.

Surprisingly, there are lots of new websites for those who face this same circumstance and we decided to list the pros and cons of the more popular website of this type.


You’ve probably heard of this website. In fact, this is the first website that pops up on Google search. One of the reasons why it is so popular is because of how well it caters to people who test positive for the different types of viral sexually transmitted infections. Not only does it offer millions of matches but it is continuously educating it’s users on their condition and how to overcome it. Our favorite feature of this website is the dating advisor. We’ve asked around and have found that they are available even after you’ve began dating your partner. This kind of resource can be somewhat pleasing when you think about the risk that comes with dating someone with HPV.


Just because this option is second doesn’t mean it’s the second best. We offer this option because it DOES cater to people who suffer from HPV. Unfortunately, it is most useful for those with Herpes. We like to recommend this option because they do a wonderful job making you feel confident after you’ve tested positive. Their blog posts are well written and very informative. They also offer some of the more attractive people. What’s most discouraging about this website is their willingness to display your profile while not being signed up for the website. Being positive for a certain STI can be somewhat discouraging and one can feel a little insecure when you know that your pictures and profile are displayed on the front page of the website.


Out of all of these websites, H-date is the most inexpensive dating and support site for those who have Herpes and HPV. They thrive on your insecurities because they are very good at convincing you that you can still have a love life. Honestly, they thrive on the fact that you can still have a sex life, the arena that is most dictated by your status. Unlike with, your picture and profile aren’t publicly displayed on the front page of the website. The profiles displayed on these websites are of those who chose to be featured on the website and by you displaying your face; you’re guaranteed to get a couple more views of your profile. The problem we faced was the amount of people who were active during the weekday. One glance on the page can discourage a person from signing up because it appears as though there aren’t very many people online at the moment. We also felt as though the layout was a little outdated. The above websites have features that can appear more advanced then


HPVdatingsite is a new but awesome website for those with HPV who want a website that is specific to them. The layout is updated and the set up is simple for those who aren’t very tech savvy. One of the problems that we’ve seen occurs most often is the deceit involved in the dual websites. Some of the free dual websites neglect to disclose which kind of STI the match has thus causing an opportunity for someone to spread a different type of STI to the receiver. When you have a website like HPV dating site you have token away the anxiety that occurs through that deceit. It’s also great because the support system is solely from people who are like you. One of the cons of this website is the lack of resources available on HPV, the disease. One of the reasons why it is such a mysterious disease is due to the lack of research and information being spread about this particular condition.


We had to save the best for last. is the best free website hands down. Not only can you find a partner, you can also find friends who can support you through your condition. It’s one of the few websites that include an app to supplement the dating site experience. We’ve also found a few articles that can help lessen the anxiety of having HPV. is honest. It tells you the truth about the risk involved when joining their dating website and offers you great advice on how to succumb those risks. It is a great website to thrive in life while also communicating about your condition to people who understand what you’re going through. For those who want to pay for the premium, it maybe a little steep but remember how advanced the technology is. It is well worth it when comparing the prices to other dating websites that are available.

To be honest, we love the idea that you can take the middle man out of having to disclose your status. Unfortunately, the risk is increased of catching a different strand of HPV and developing cancer. While we want you to have a thriving love life, we also want to warn that you have to be safe.

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