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Dating After You Test Positive for HPV

Before you think about dating, we want to tell you that you’re going to be ok. Part of the stress that comes with HPV is the mental anguish felt after you’ve had an abnormal pap smear. Yes, your cervical cells are abnormal and can result in cervical cancer but having abnormal cells don’t mean that you will have cancer or will become infertile. Check with your doctor and educate yourself on your status. The more you know, the less you worry.

As you play the field, you will come across a few obstacles.

The first begins with finding someone who you can trust. It’s a step that all women have to face, regardless of sexual orientation, status, race or age. For you, it may feel somewhat different. You have a dark cloud over your head that creates discomfort. One day you will have to disclose, to your partner, your status. The good news is that, for most people, this dark cloud will be short-lived. The HPV infection will clear up on its own. You won’t always have to worry about the symptoms of HPV, whether you’re in a committed relationship or are looking for one. The bad news is that, for some people and for you, HPV is relevant in the here and now.

Our advice is to wait to disclose. Only tell them when sexual activity is involved. HPV is spread through skin to skin contact. As long as you aren’t having sex, you aren’t putting them into any type of danger. You’re giving them time to get to know you beyond your status thus creating a better more trusting relationship.

When you feel the need to disclose your status, make sure you are well informed. Do not engage in any kind of sexual activity without telling them. Go to your doctor, get all the answers and have the proper resources available for them so that they can feel well informed too. Ignorance can cause lots of anxiety. Relieve that anxiety by educating them.

It’s also important that you continue to use protection. Abstinence is the only measure that can prevent the spread of HPV. Men can’t develop cervical cancer but they can develop throat cancer and genital warts. They can also spread HPV to other women. Make sure there is a barrier placed between you and your partners’ skin. This is one of the only means to preventing the spread of HPV.

Now, the most important advice we can give you is to put your health above all other dating rituals. Sex is a natural part of dating but it’s not the only means to finding the love of your life. We say this because a sad truth about HPV is that it can cause cervical cancer. If you are one of the few women who are diagnosed with cancer, we want you to worry about getting better above dating. Cancer can cause infertility and sex can be risky as you’re going through treatment. Focus on your health and let love come to you in due time.

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